Cucumber water does more than just taste good on a hot day. It actually has many benefits for our bodies. Cucumbers keep you hydrated and healthy. The best part is, cucumber water is easy to make!

On average, we are supposed to drink 6-8 cups of water a day. When we stay hydrated, we are maintaining the right body temperature and assisting in the cleansing of toxins. Adding cucumbers to our water changes up the taste and makes it more interesting to drink. This can encourage us to get our proper intake of water!

Drinking cucumber water, and staying hydrated in general can also help us lose weight. Cutting out sugary drinks, and replacing it with refreshing cucumber water will cut out a lot of fat in your everyday diet. Sometimes our body even confuses hunger with thirst. When you are feeling a little hungry, have a drink of cucumber water first and see if the hunger goes away!

Cucumbers are even packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent and delay cell damage from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Oxidative stress can lead to chronic ailments such as: Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, eye degeneration, and heart disease. It is often recommended that we eat fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants, which include cucumbers! They are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, and manganese.

The cucumbers in cucumber water also helps lower blood pressure and boosts bone health. Cucumbers are packed with potassium which helps regulate the amount of sodium in our kidneys. One cup of sliced cucumbers also has 19% of the daily recommended value of vitamin k. This vitamin helps build healthy bones and tissues!

Lastly, cucumbers are great for your skin. Water alone already helps flush out toxins and maintain a healthy complexion; and cucumbers are high in vitamin B-5 (commonly used to treat acne). So next time you have a thirst you need to quench, be sure to give cucumber water a try. It’s tasty and good for you!


Cupping Therapy

Cupping is practiced as Traditional Chinese medicine and was developed thousands of years ago. Jars made of glass, bamboo, or plastic are placed on your body during cupping treatments and suction is used to pull the skin and muscles upwards – a perfect alternative to those wanting muscle work done, but like to avoid the intensity that comes from deep tissue massages. The technique will help increase and enhance circulation and relieves pain. You can also try cupping therapy if you’re looking to alleviate problems caused by stress, allergies, fatigue, and anxiety.

Here at Project Zen our therapist practices Moving Cupping. The focus areas are covered in massage oil or lotion and the cups placed on the skin and then slid across the affected region (most commonly cupping takes place on the back).

Please note that when trying Cupping Therapy your skin can turn red, blue, or purple from the treatment and discoloration can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Don’t be discouraged through! Cupping doesn’t hurt and has been described by most people as a tight, but relaxing sensation.

Currently Cupping Therapy is offered only at our San Francisco location. 415-500-4777.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

image1As we all are looking for relief from stress and tension, Deep Tissue massage is the most frequently requested style of massage. Pressure can release and ease muscle tension; heat can also be included and provide a more relaxing session, with the use of Hot Stones.

A hot stone session begins with select stones being steamed to a perfect temperature, based on your level of comfort. As the stones warm the tension areas, the included pressure and deep effleurage stroke quickly release and relax previously rock-hard muscles. The stones sculpt the contours of your body transferring the heat of the stones to unwind all your knots and sores.

Often times a hot stone massage can induce sleep so a hour and a half session is recommended. It is also suggested to plan the rest of your day to relax and rest and don’t operate any heavy machinery afterwards.

Hot Stone was the first massage I ever received and it is by far the style I prefer to spoil my guests with. I hope you will come in and experience the joy of taking time for yourself; call today to make your appointment!

Jason Engberg CMT
(available Fridays and Sundays at Project Zen Burlingame)

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Best Bay

3 YEARS IN A ROW!!! Thank you for voting us “Best Massage”. As we all know- The SF Bay Guardian has been the “go to” source for finding the BEST of what San Francisco has to offer. We are honored to have been the pick for best massage 3 years in a row, and we are super sad that the Guardian has recently closed up shop. They have left quite a legacy though, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to have been a part of it all. R.I.P Guardian

DIY- Lavender Dryer Bags


With summer coming up, our social media pages are being bombarded with pictures of beaches, outdoor BBQs, and plenty of vacations in the sunshine. For those of us who are staying in the city this summer, we know that with the clouds and wind- some days we might just want to stay inside and bundle up with a good book, a loved one, or our Netflix account. The only thing that can make that better is to have a fresh pair of sheets that have the relaxing and comforting scent of lavender. With these DIY lavender dryer bags, you can have that year-round and for half the cost of buying pre-made ones or buying dryer sheets!

You only need two supplies: dried lavender buds and reusable cotton tea bags – both can be found at your local health food store!

Fill your bags about 1/4-1/2 way full and make sure that you tie a very tight knot to ensure that the lavender buds don’t spill in your dryer. For an extra scent try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil into the bags as well! It’s as simple as that! You’re ready to use your lavender dryer bags.

Each bag that you make should last around 10 cycles. If you prep all your bags ahead of time make sure that you keep them fresh by storing them in a jar. These aren’t just for the dryer either – try storing the bags in your dressers or at the top of your closet to keep all of your clothes smelling fresh!

-Desiree Hasley

Project Zen Licorice Mint Tea


Project Zen’s special blend of herbal mint and licorice tea is given after each massage to help you maintain your Zen state of mind. Our blend of tea is all-natural, caffeine-free and steeped to perfection to make sure that you stay just as relaxed after your massage as you were during! Why herbal mint and licorice though? Peppermint and licorice can have many health benefits – both have been used for herbal remedies in traditional Western medicine.

Peppermint has been proven to help support a healthy digestive system and can help to relieve an upset stomach. The cool refreshing flavor and distinct aroma of peppermint can also help individuals stay focused and less anxious, while still keeping you relaxed and calm. Licorice also helps soothe upset stomachs and can have a relaxing effect. In addition to having great health benefits, licorice acts as an all-natural sweetener for our special herbal blend of tea so you don’t have to worry about any excess additives in your drink!

After your next massage, take a few minutes to sit and relax with your cup of tea and savor the blend of flavors. Take notice of the calming effect it has on you. We offer our tea in take home bags – loose leaf and individual tea bags – so that you can continue your relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.

-Desiree Hasley

Shhhh…please whisper inside


Step into relaxation; your first visit at Project Zen will begin at the door. A greeting from our front staff “Sa Wa de ka”, a hello from Thailand- relaxation fills the air with our blend of essential oils. Ahhh the smell of harmony! Step into our slippers- in many Asian cultures, it is customary to take off one’s shoes upon entering a home. Our sanctuary is committed to providing peace and relaxation as your step out of your everyday urban activities and into our cozy oasis.

A brief intake form will be given to you, which therapist will use to specialize your session. Project Zen’s Massage Therapists specialize in Swedish, Thai massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Trigger Point, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu, Hot Stone, and Thai Herbal Press. We encourage all clients to thoroughly ask our staff while booking which therapy will be best for you. With our wide variety of massages and talented therapists we are confident we can find the best modality suited for your bodywork needs.

Starting your session 
After your therapist has reviewed your intake form, they will show you back to your room. There will be a basket for you to place your personal belongings and a hook for hanging your coat. Undress to your level of comfort for our Western style massages such as Deep Tissue and Swedish. Some people choose to disrobe completely, while others feel more comfortable with undergarments left on. Your level of comfort is most important to us, our therapists have been highly trained in our services, draping of the sheets will be used throughout your session accordingly. Exposing only the body part that is being worked on. We will provide you with a change of clothes for our Eastern Style massages such as Thai and Shiatsu- these services are fully clothed massages. You can expect a tranquil, cozy and comfortable visit- you are in great hands!

During your session 
Feel free to communicate any requests that would make your massage more comfortable (please do so quietly out of respect for others in relaxation). Your therapist will only communicate with you to check in on the level of pressure they are using. We are here to provide you with a massage that fits your personal needs, so please let your therapist know if more or less pressure should be used or if you would like another blanket or pillow to enhance your relaxation and comfort.

The end of your session 
Your therapist will step outside of the room while you dress and will meet you in our reception area with a cup of our soothing Project Zen herbal tea. Your therapist may go over some at-home techniques you can use to keep the body in balance in between massages! At this time if you have any questions, you may address your therapist for some advice.

Now that your tea is finished, the front desk staff will assist you with checking out. We will also provide a therapist tip-envelope here at the desk, so that you may leave gratuity for your therapist. Cash tips are always preferred, but we will provide the option of swiping a credit card as well. (The industry standard for tipping is between 15% and 20% depending on your level of satisfaction). Re-booking appointments at this time is also encouraged!

Don’t forget to slip back on your shoes…


-Kayla Bennett


Why is massage beneficial for athetes?

Many athletes have stated that they include massage therapy in their regular training schedules to stay at the top of their game, and they are right to do so. Massage therapy is good for athletes not only physiologically, but psychologically as well.

When receiving a massage, it affects your cardiovascular system. Massages help promote circulation which enhances blood flow and provides fresh oxygen for the body. It also helps remove wasteful products and toxins from your body.

According to Health and Fitness magazine, massage can help relax muscles and reduce soreness which results in an increased range of motion and flexibility which can help lead to a better athletic performance. We at Project Zen recommend a Traditional Thai Massage which includes compression work and stretching to help keep your muscles loose.

Deep Tissue Massages and Swedish Massages can also be beneficial to athletes. With a relaxing massage you can help reduce stress and anxiety which can help you sleep better and everyone knows that the better your sleep the better your performance!

-Desiree Hasley


Good-bye Sun Damage

Remember all of those endless summer days, sailing on whoever had a boat available, the hours of laying at the beach, maybe you were out in the water catching the waves or you were out and about around the City to catch the perfect sun-kissed day. You spent all day out in the sun until it hit the waters horizon for the perfect summer sunset.

Had you stopped to think what that beautiful sun was doing to your flawless, youthful, glowing skin?

I surely did not and after my first facial, I began to pay a bit closer attention to the blemishes on my skin and the small yet noticeable traces of my sun-damaged nose. The uneven skin tones in my skin, were a clear sign that my time-less summers in the sun needed to come to an end–or atleast I needed to learn to protect and prevent anymore discoloration.

So a little research: After talking with my esthetician and reading reviews on mandelic peels I was comfortable enough to give this a go. (Hello lets remember we want to have that flawless youthful skin well into our 40s, 50s and 60s.. the time to start is now!)

Although some people reviewed to have side effects of more acne after session, most people cleared up after 48 hours and were extremely happy with the results!

Mandelic Peels are known to help repair and strengthen your skin from:

Sun damage
Treat blackheads
Fading Dark marks
Reducing fine lines

My results: An hour massage followed by an hour facial, I am feeling flawless, youthful and gorgeous!

My mandelic peel started off with a light cleanse of the skin, an application of a thin layer of the peel, which warmed and reddened my face. The next 24 hours I my skin detoxed with signs of acne, but after hydrating my body; my skin tones are showing a clearer more even skin-toned surface.

My results, I couldn’t be happier saying “Good-bye to Sun Damage”

– Kayla Bennett

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Beautiful Blonde Girl. Healthy Long Curly Hair.

Curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners tied in with the crazy San Francisco winds can leave our hair dry and damaged. You don’t have to break the bank with expensive shampoos, conditioners and treatments though to bring that moisture back and give your hair that just left the salon look!

Here’s what you’ll need to make an at home Coconut Oil Hair Mask:

1 Sauce Pan
1 Spoon
1 Mixing Bowl
1 tbsp. Coconut Oil (of course we recommend Project Zen Coconut Oil)
1 tbsp. Organic Raw Honey

Mix the ingredients in the bowl and for optimal results, blogger Stephanie Sterjovski suggests that after mixing the ingredients to heat them in a saucepan in order to open hair follicles.

Section off wet hair and begin to generously apply the mask from top to bottom, focusing more on areas that are more dry and damaged. Wrap your hair in a bun and if you’d like place your hair in a shower cap. Keep the mixture in for 30-40 minutes, then wash and rinse, and enjoy your healthy, smooth, shiny hair!

-Desiree Hasley