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Coconut Oil for healthy body, skin, hair and face

Coconut oil is at Project Zen. This natural moisturizer is used by our therapist’s during Spa treatments. Coconut oil is an allergen-free product that can be used for all skin types and is also healthy for your hair. This natural product is known for helping rehydrate the skin, even skin tone and even fight off harmful bacterias.
At home care with Coconut Oil:
    We strive to help you maintain balance in and out of the Spa! Keeping consistant with body work, massage and skin care for your healthy lifestyle routines. Project Zen Burlingame and San Francisco offers cold compressed Coconut Oil retail for maintaining your skin care after you leave our sanctuary Spa.
    – Coconut Oil is healthy for your digestive system it can increase your metabolism, while being a natural energy booster for improving your daily endurance.
    -Coconut Oil studies are now showing the healthy effects it may have on diet, Alzhemiers disease and type 1&2 diabetes.
    – Known for fighting skin diseases such as, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne.
    -Coconut Oil also helps promote healthier hair, for frizzy hair applying directly to the hair or for longer stronger hair; Coconut oil can help produce healthier hair from the inside out.
Coconut Oil is a favorite for Spa Treatments, keep up with your skin’s health inside and out!