Shhhh…please whisper inside


Step into relaxation; your first visit at Project Zen will begin at the door. A greeting from our front staff “Sa Wa de ka”, a hello from Thailand- relaxation fills the air with our blend of essential oils. Ahhh the smell of harmony! Step into our slippers- in many Asian cultures, it is customary to take off one’s shoes upon entering a home. Our sanctuary is committed to providing peace and relaxation as your step out of your everyday urban activities and into our cozy oasis.

A brief intake form will be given to you, which therapist will use to specialize your session. Project Zen’s Massage Therapists specialize in Swedish, Thai massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Trigger Point, Foot Reflexology, Shiatsu, Hot Stone, and Thai Herbal Press. We encourage all clients to thoroughly ask our staff while booking which therapy will be best for you. With our wide variety of massages and talented therapists we are confident we can find the best modality suited for your bodywork needs.

Starting your session 
After your therapist has reviewed your intake form, they will show you back to your room. There will be a basket for you to place your personal belongings and a hook for hanging your coat. Undress to your level of comfort for our Western style massages such as Deep Tissue and Swedish. Some people choose to disrobe completely, while others feel more comfortable with undergarments left on. Your level of comfort is most important to us, our therapists have been highly trained in our services, draping of the sheets will be used throughout your session accordingly. Exposing only the body part that is being worked on. We will provide you with a change of clothes for our Eastern Style massages such as Thai and Shiatsu- these services are fully clothed massages. You can expect a tranquil, cozy and comfortable visit- you are in great hands!

During your session 
Feel free to communicate any requests that would make your massage more comfortable (please do so quietly out of respect for others in relaxation). Your therapist will only communicate with you to check in on the level of pressure they are using. We are here to provide you with a massage that fits your personal needs, so please let your therapist know if more or less pressure should be used or if you would like another blanket or pillow to enhance your relaxation and comfort.

The end of your session 
Your therapist will step outside of the room while you dress and will meet you in our reception area with a cup of our soothing Project Zen herbal tea. Your therapist may go over some at-home techniques you can use to keep the body in balance in between massages! At this time if you have any questions, you may address your therapist for some advice.

Now that your tea is finished, the front desk staff will assist you with checking out. We will also provide a therapist tip-envelope here at the desk, so that you may leave gratuity for your therapist. Cash tips are always preferred, but we will provide the option of swiping a credit card as well. (The industry standard for tipping is between 15% and 20% depending on your level of satisfaction). Re-booking appointments at this time is also encouraged!

Don’t forget to slip back on your shoes…


-Kayla Bennett

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