Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

image1As we all are looking for relief from stress and tension, Deep Tissue massage is the most frequently requested style of massage. Pressure can release and ease muscle tension; heat can also be included and provide a more relaxing session, with the use of Hot Stones.

A hot stone session begins with select stones being steamed to a perfect temperature, based on your level of comfort. As the stones warm the tension areas, the included pressure and deep effleurage stroke quickly release and relax previously rock-hard muscles. The stones sculpt the contours of your body transferring the heat of the stones to unwind all your knots and sores.

Often times a hot stone massage can induce sleep so a hour and a half session is recommended. It is also suggested to plan the rest of your day to relax and rest and don’t operate any heavy machinery afterwards.

Hot Stone was the first massage I ever received and it is by far the style I prefer to spoil my guests with. I hope you will come in and experience the joy of taking time for yourself; call today to make your appointment!

Jason Engberg CMT
(available Fridays and Sundays at Project Zen Burlingame)

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