Cupping Therapy

Cupping is practiced as Traditional Chinese medicine and was developed thousands of years ago. Jars made of glass, bamboo, or plastic are placed on your body during cupping treatments and suction is used to pull the skin and muscles upwards – a perfect alternative to those wanting muscle work done, but like to avoid the intensity that comes from deep tissue massages. The technique will help increase and enhance circulation and relieves pain. You can also try cupping therapy if you’re looking to alleviate problems caused by stress, allergies, fatigue, and anxiety.

Here at Project Zen our therapist practices Moving Cupping. The focus areas are covered in massage oil or lotion and the cups placed on the skin and then slid across the affected region (most commonly cupping takes place on the back).

Please note that when trying Cupping Therapy your skin can turn red, blue, or purple from the treatment and discoloration can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Don’t be discouraged through! Cupping doesn’t hurt and has been described by most people as a tight, but relaxing sensation.

Currently Cupping Therapy is offered only at our San Francisco location. 415-500-4777.

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