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Good-bye Sun Damage

Remember all of those endless summer days, sailing on whoever had a boat available, the hours of laying at the beach, maybe you were out in the water catching the waves or you were out and about around the City to catch the perfect sun-kissed day. You spent all day out in the sun until it hit the waters horizon for the perfect summer sunset.

Had you stopped to think what that beautiful sun was doing to your flawless, youthful, glowing skin?

I surely did not and after my first facial, I began to pay a bit closer attention to the blemishes on my skin and the small yet noticeable traces of my sun-damaged nose. The uneven skin tones in my skin, were a clear sign that my time-less summers in the sun needed to come to an end–or atleast I needed to learn to protect and prevent anymore discoloration.

So a little research: After talking with my esthetician and reading reviews on mandelic peels I was comfortable enough to give this a go. (Hello lets remember we want to have that flawless youthful skin well into our 40s, 50s and 60s.. the time to start is now!)

Although some people reviewed to have side effects of more acne after session, most people cleared up after 48 hours and were extremely happy with the results!

Mandelic Peels are known to help repair and strengthen your skin from:

Sun damage
Treat blackheads
Fading Dark marks
Reducing fine lines

My results: An hour massage followed by an hour facial, I am feeling flawless, youthful and gorgeous!

My mandelic peel started off with a light cleanse of the skin, an application of a thin layer of the peel, which warmed and reddened my face. The next 24 hours I my skin detoxed with signs of acne, but after hydrating my body; my skin tones are showing a clearer more even skin-toned surface.

My results, I couldn’t be happier saying “Good-bye to Sun Damage”

– Kayla Bennett

Organic Facials and Clinical-Grade Peels at Project Zen Burlingame

*NEW* Organic Facials and Clinical-Grade Peels at Project Zen


Exfoliate professionally and learn how to maintain a clear complexion. Facials and peels can benefit all skin types and restore balance for many skin problems including oily, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, eczema, and sensitive skin. As the largest organ of the human body, your skin will absorb 60% of what you apply to it into the bloodstream; this is why it is so important to apply paraben-free and organic products to the skin whenever possible- especially when opening up your skin to an extended and specialized treatment session. Some benefits of organic facials include:


• Organic products are good for ALL skin types
• Organic products help produce natural enzymes to nourish your skin
• Balance and regulate hydration through the change of seasons
• Reduce the look of stress in fine lines and wrinkles


Our line of Organic facials are artificial-free and paraben-free spa treatments to invigorate and revitalize your natural skin glow. Prolong your radiance through our nourishing skin treatments, increasing circulation and blood flow, producing your bodies natural collagens and elastins for radiant, firmer, youthful-looking skin.

We are also offering Clinical-Grade Peels which will help to battle damage done over the years. Rather than using harsh chemical peels, we use all-natural, plant-based peels from CosMedix to help safely and effectively reveal new and healthy skin with minimal recovery time.